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The Newport Architectural Forum was founded in 2007 as a subset of the membership of the Newport Art Museum. In the tradition of the artists' and photographers' guilds, the Architectural Forum is composed of individuals who wished to celebrate architecture as a high art form on par with sculpture and painting.



Composed not only of architects and historians, but also average citizens with a love for architecture, the architectural forum is dedicated to disseminating knowledge about architecture as broadly as possible.  It does this by organizing and co-sponsoring lectures, conferences, tours, and exhibitions. 



Limited in number to the capacity of the Illgenfritz Gallery at the Newport Art Museum, members receive weekly updates about architectural news from Rhode Island and abroad. They also receive preference seating and rates at those events that the forum organizes or co-sponsors. 

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P.O. Box 204 Newport, RI 02840

Newport Architectural Forum

Newport, Rhode Island, United States

(401) 849-5100